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Front and Rear Unload Forage Boxes

Meyer forage boxes have the strongest frame in the industry which will provide years of trouble free performance. Boxes are available in many different sizes ranging from 14' 6" to 20' 6". A 540 rpm PTO Drives the three 18" diameter augers for fast unloading.

For in depth details Contact us.

Steel Bunk Feed Wagon

  • Strong, long-lasting galvanized metal insert won't chip or rot like wood ones.
  • No Slant bars allow easy cleaning
  • Strongest hitch design in the industry
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Sides can be folded down to move round bales
  • Save on feed cost with the cable that allows cattle to move without removing their head.

Meyers "R" Series Spreader

The Meyer Spreader can handle a wide variety of manure, liquid, semi-solid and pen packed. The Rear Unload System will keep your tractor and spreader clean, is low maintenance, and durable. A breif overview of the specs are below.

  Model 2636 Model 3245 Model 3954
Bushels 260-360 320-450 390-540
Gallon 1355-1745 1694-2189 2033-2617
Tank Legnth 12' 15' 18'
Height 58 1/2" - 67 1/2" (w/ht ext.)
Expellor Speed 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
Auger Speed 10 rpm 10 rpm 10 rpm
Tractor PTO 540 std. or 1000 opt.

Industrial Spreader also available - Contact us for details.

Rocky Mineral Feeder

The Rocky Mineral feeder is made of a tough polyethylene which has a longer life and is virtually maintenace free. The bottom is weighted to keep it standing upright now matter how much it gets pushed or shoved.

Save Money on Mineral by reducing spillage and waste. Will hold approximately 80 pounds of mineral.

Contact us for a great deal on the "Rocky".

Meyer Deluxe Steel Bale Boxes

The Meyer steel bale boxes have a sliding door system which is the easiest to open. The fold down gate has a spring assist for easy opening and closing. Floor is made of volminized treated wood for long life. This bale box is available in the following sizes: 8x16, 9x16, 8x18, 9x18, 8x20, and 9x20.

Contact us for additional information.

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